Winner of two awards at the Phoenix Futures New Year Honours event!

Our inspirational staff and volunteers were recognised at an annual achievement awards on Tuesday 5th of February, as part of the New Years Honours awards, organised by Phoenix Futures, who are our partner charity.

We saw over 100 people attend a heart-warming and joyful ceremony at the St Bride Foundation in London. Staff voted for their colleagues to receive the awards on an online poll, and 12 trophies were presented to individuals and teams for a wide range of categories.

Futures in Mind were very excited to win two out of the four nominations: Unsung Hero award- to the person who works diligently behind the scenes and Partnership award, for their work with Essex Wildlife Trust, using nature to support recovery. Jane Slocombe, Service Manager for Futures in Mind said ‘We are massively proud…Our achievements are down to the dedication and hard work of all the team and volunteers’.

Karen Biggs, Phoenix Futures’ Chief Executive said at the event ‘We give the very best of ourselves to achieve our purpose…We use our inner strength, drive, passion, resilience and optimism, in order to support those who need it most in our communities’.

The event included performances from Running wi’ Scissors, in which ballads about overcoming addiction and personal challenges were sang amongst staff members in a sign of solidarity to shared goals within the organisation.

We are super excited about future plans for Futures in Mind! Well done all.

Below are just some of the photos of the event, including our ‘Unsung Hero’ Astra, Jane, our Service Manager, Jim our Lead Volunteer who works with Essex Wildlife Trust and our brilliant Service Co-ordinators Lyndsay and Annabelle.







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