This is why I love being a trainer

I enjoy watching the nervousness of the learners at the beginning of a course then watching how this evolves into confidence at the end.  I love watching the strength that candidates use to challenge themselves.  It’s pretty exciting when a learner has been struggling to get an idea, then suddenly has a lightbulb moment.  Every single cohort is different.  The courses are always full of differing personalities and experiences.  I always learn something new every cohort.

Training for me is not just about reading off power point slides.  It’s about being aware of what the point of the session is about and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to challenge their learning.  Everyone learns differently and it is my job to ensure that each learner has equal access to that learning opportunity.

Overall I find that it’s pretty special to watch people who initially lack confidence around their own skills, then see them using their skills professionally in order to support others.  That’s a good feeling. To find out more about the courses that we offer visit our training page here.

What’s not so good

This is what I don’t like about training.  Always eating the biscuits and sweets that are always hanging around in training rooms. Being asleep on the sofa at 8pm in the evening.  Carrying huge amount of boxes and portfolios everywhere.  But most of all it is never ever having enough blue tack!

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