National Allotment Week

Our projects and what they mean to us!

Futures in Mind have Allotment Projects on 5 sites across Essex all at various levels of development. This article gives an insight into what they do and what it means to the people who “make them happen”. At Colchester we have Mercer’s Farm site which consists of two plots, both of which have slightly different characteristics with regard to what will grow on them! We encourage our people to grow their own ideas, whether this be actual vegetables or something that will help this to happen.

Being part of something has enabled our teams to Connect, not only to produce our crops but also to each other either on site or outside the group activity in order to enhance the therapeutic part of being involved.

“I feel part of something good, belonging to a group of like minded people is the best feeling I’ve had in years” Vicky.

The Colchester Allotment group is probably the most diverse team of people in Essex! It is a classic illustration that addiction/mental health issues know no boundaries whether they be social, intellectual, racial you name it! One thing however is that no matter where one is with their recovery, being part of this project will enhance it. Sometimes just being there is enough.

“I find being on the Allotment very therapeutic and also rewarding when we get vegetables!” Stuart

“If I hadn’t been on this I’d be dead in a ditch somewhere!” Brian

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