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New Maldon Welcome Cafe

Our inspirational staff and volunteers are busy opening a new Welcome café in Maldon, at Suzie’s Gift and Tea Shop.

Welcome cafes are a safe and comforting resource for service users who wish to meet with like-minded people, to share experiences and to offer support to one another. It is expected that service users will be on their own journey of recovery from mental ill health and/or substance misuse. Kerry Page, our Service Coordinator, believes that the new Welcome café will be ‘vital’ for the community and will allow people to build a ‘routine and a sense of purpose’, whilst learning social skills and building an encouraging and caring network.

The Welcome Café for Futures in Mind will be open every Wednesday from 10am until midday, from the 13th of November, however other members of the public can visit outside of these hours. Suzies Gift and Tea shop offers a variety of creative workshops as well as delicious tea and cakes and is a growing part of the local community. We look forward to this new addition.


Image credit: Maldon Standard and Trip Advisor

Closure of Pitsea Service User Forum

We thought you should know that we no longer have a Pitsea Service User Forum as it is currently under development. We will of course let you know of the new details and location once this is finalised.


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