How We Can Help

We offer an inclusive approach to recovery and with that comes great opportunities for you to develop skills, meet like minded people, build confidence, gain qualifications and make further positive changes to improve your quality of life.

So, what do we offer I hear you say!

Peer Led Activities – a chance to socialise in a safe place, get hands on with the Wildlife Trust, join a reading group and much more

Befriending – this is an opportunity to have one to one support if the activites are just not right for you

Mentoring – a chance to guide and support others with a more structured approach and gain a qualification in the process

Volunteering – we have a wide range of volunteering roles that you can get involved in and full training will be delivered

Funds – Up to £100 for individual projects and up to £300 for group activities

Training – We have a variety of training available, but always happy to listen to demand and develop bespoke courses

Blogs – a place to share your stories, achievements, setbacks, determination or whatever is relevant to our community