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Road to Recovery diagram, recovery journey - Futures in Mind

The idea for a diagram illustrating the journey through the new combined mental health services of Futures in Mind was put to me already with the notion of laying it out as a literal road. This would take the reader through the process starting from initial referral all the way to the confidence and strength achieved by following their own way through the services provided.

I, aided by ideas and suggestions from the team, tried to produce a road map that would clearly show the various services and opportunities available, while also attempting to express how there’s not just one path that is right for everyone, and that individual people with their own difficulties and needs will need to choose what is best for them, and at what pace they are comfortable with. Another thing that was important to show was that it’s not just staff who will assist or provide aid, and that other service-users who wish to volunteer will be a guiding force in getting to know and aiding those who are experiencing difficulties. Once a service-user is far enough along in their recovery to want to provide help to others, they themselves can train and volunteer if they wish.

So, this is how it works

To make clearer the idea of the various roles from service-user, to volunteer, to staff, I used a few basic colours to illustrate the differences.
Purple shows the Futures in Mind service, its opportunities and various activities, as well as the staff who aid and guide throughout the journey.
Those who are blue but wear purple T-shirts are service users who have trained to become volunteers. It’s they who help as the driving force with local groups, or as Befrienders, what ever they feel they would like to contribute.
Green is the “protagonist” and their journey through the service, starting as uncertain and hesitant and gradually relaxing and gaining confidence, as well as aid and skills as they progress. In time, they feel they might want to give back to the service that has helped them, so they symbolically don a purple T-shirt.

To find out what is available click here.

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