Further and Final Closures

Please be aware that we are now ceasing ALL group activities. By this we mean all our ‘Peer Led Activities’ such as badminton/ welcome cafes etc.

Should you need to reach out and speak to a member of staff, please of course contact your Service Coordinator on their allocated mobile number or call the central office on 01376 316126, or the Samaritans on 116 123.

Please be assured that we have made clear arrangements for all our Service Users to be contacted reguarly during this shut down.

Lastly, we are keen to hear about any wellbeing tips you may have about keeping healthy and safe during this difficult and unusual time. So please contact us via our main email: fim.enquiries@futuresinmind.org.uk

Please also make sure that you read this about how Phoenix Futures, our key charity in this project, is responding to the Coronavirus. FiM Website 16.03.2020

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Referral and Initial Information

Emergency Contact

Further Details

How can Futures in Mind Help?


Futures in Mind are committed to maintaining confidentiality. All information about you is kept securely and not shared with anyone outside our organisation without your permission, or unless exceptional circumstances occur. Your data is held electronically on a secure data base.
If we believe there is a risk of harm to you or others we will inform the appropriate persons (such as relevant agencies and services), but we would always endeavour to let you know about this in advance.