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World Mental Health Day

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day and after lockdown, we think it is very important that we mark this important day. We understand some of you have been struggling with your mental health and your recovery more so, during these uncertain times. At Futures in Mind, we’ve been speaking to Paul, one of our service users, and he has shared his experience of what recovery means to him.

The things that are helping me to recover is having a good structure and routine where I’m taking part in activities and being with other people. Learning about myself and understanding why I get worked up about things and being able to deal with the issues in a safer healthier way. Having a good support group to talk too about the issues and what is going on. Staying away from negative people who don’t help or support me in my recovery. Also taking time out for myself to do the things I like such as fishing and boxing. I’ve realised taking time out is important for my recovery to be able to think about things so that my thoughts don’t overwhelm me – Paul.

We would also like to share a poem about recovery, written by Claire, another service user.

Recovery is getting out of bed,

Knowing everything you’ve done and said,

Knowing that it never kicked off the night before,

Where you had police banging on your door.

In and out of hospital and a police cell,

Kicking off and pressing that bell,

That bell to get the hell out,

Knowing you want recovery without a doubt.

That merry go round that keeps spinning around,

This is your life playing without a sound.

You tell yourself you want to change your ways,

But seconds and minutes turn into days.

Two Guardian Angels came into my life,

Rescued me and cut my life up with a knife,

Into pieces to get me out off a hell hole,

And turn my life around with a better soul.

Being with the RIGHT PEOPLE is the key to RECOVERY,

Whether that’s going back to college where you’re mixing socially.

YES, I still struggle with cravings,

BUT, I have to remember my savings.

And that means, being mentally stable and on my meds,

Not self-destructing and messing with my head.

Going into therapy and dealing with the root causes,

Which addresses your issues and that part of your life PAUSES.


We would love to hear from you on what recovery means to you and how Futures in Mind has helped you with your recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, please send a few words over to


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