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Recovery through the Arts

What does recovery look like for you?

Recovery is such an individual thing. Whether it’s through nature, arts or sports we can find a way that suits us. Here is just one example of the arts produced in recovery.


You think I’m happy but all you see,
Is the mask I wear on the outside of me.
You see the smile and her the laugh, but you don’t see the tears that could fill my bath.
Yet when I’m honest and say I feel bad,
When I say I’m angry or that I’m sad.
Some of you don’t get it and some just look away,
Because Vonny my dear isn’t acting herself no not today.
Mental health isn’t understood for silent tears are cried,
But you see these scars upon my skin they tell you I survived.
These are my battle scars and the words I say are true,
This life may have chopped me down but yes my friend I grew!


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Successful Innovation Fund Grant

Becky’s recovery; an honest account

Suffering with a mental illness can make you feel isolated and like a burden on other people. Futures in Mind are working to change this. I started of as a volunteer with the service, but when my own mental health took a turn I was Read more…

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Help Improve Carer Support

Are you caring for a family member or friend who is unwell, frail or living with a disability?

The Public Office would love to talk with you.

Essex County Council (ECC) knows it needs to improve the quality of information, advice and guidance it currently offers all citizens to make it easier for people to help themselves and find what they need in order to live happy and healthy lives. Read more…

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